“Independence through Successful Employment!”

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Welcome to Heartstrings Community Foundation!

Erin JD Connor croppedThank you for visiting our website!

We are pleased to introduce you to a place where adults with developmental disabilities are valued employees.  They work to gain independence through successful employment and build relationships in the community.  The staff and employees of Heartstrings Community Foundation (HCF) operate six businesses, all of which are spotlighted in this website.  You will also find links to recent videos and newsletters that offer more insight to our mission.

Enjoy your visit!  We hope that you will be inspired to shop in our stores and donate your gently used items to Heartstrings for re-sale!

Heartstrings Mission

To assist adults with developmental disabilities to live meaningful, productive and independent lives through employment in the business community. This will be accomplished by building successful and enriched business relationships in the community using the unique expertise and practices of the HCF model to employ adults with developmental disabilities.

Our Vision


Heartstrings Community Foundation’s Goal and Purpose is to be the preferred agency for individuals with developmental disabilities who can obtain training, employment, personal development, independence and relationships in the community in order to expand their life experiences.

Our Mission

Heartstrings Community Foundation assists adults with developmental disabilities to live meaningful, independent, productive lives through interactions within the community.

  • Respectful, Person Centered Planning.
  • Vocational (on the job) training at Heartstrings Businesses
  • Vocational placement in the community with appropriate support.
  • Regular fitness training.
  • Interactive recreational activities and volunteer opportunities

Guiding Principles

We are family members, friends & educators of adults with developmental disabilities who formed a Kansas Non-Profit Corporation 501c3. We have experienced first-hand the challenges of assisting adults with developmental disabilities in acquiring and maintaining successful employment opportunities and healthy, enjoyable lifestyles.

  • All clients will have choices in living options, employment and socialization
  • It is good for the community if there is interaction with or employment of people with developmental disabilities
  • Practice kindness, encouragement and respect
  • Recognition of individuals strengths, talents and challenges
  • Advocacy for and education about people with developmental disabilities
  • All people have skills and talents to share
  • People with developmental disabilities can become valuable employees with appropriate training and support
  • All people benefit in an environment where people with developmental disabilities are well trained and supported by team members

Our Board is totally committed to the concept of fostering “circles of support” in the community for individuals who have developmental disabilities.

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