Heartstrings Community Foundation® is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization

Helping the Community

Community Involvement is a crucial part of the Heartstrings experience. We all know that schools work very diligently to help Special Education students “connect” through Inclusion practices. When these students graduate it is extremely difficult for them to find new connections, unless they are employed by Heartstrings Community Foundation®!

Goody Delivery®, a mobile snack company provides appointment based sales in over 85 local businesses. In this way, HCF® employees interact with over 400 people per week! The HCF retail stores; On My Own®, On My Own Too, and Sacks on Santa Fe, provide opportunities for employees to work with customers. The teams are experiencing transitions every 30-50 minutes for a 5-1/2 hour day. HCF also provides job coaching and follow along services.

Employment is the main focus at Heartstrings, but we also realize that work is not the only way to connect!

Healthy lifestyle choices and volunteerism are important components.

  • HCF® is a member of the Fitness Center at the Jewish Community Center and employees plan their workout schedules, often meeting friends who also have healthy living as a goal.
  • Heartstrings employees also volunteer in the community, providing regular nursing home visits, meal delivery for Meals on Wheels, and rides for the public through the Catch-A-Ride program.

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